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of Inner Wellbeing & Excellence

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A renowned institute of lifelong learning and development, founded on the core belief that inner wellbeing and resilience are the foundations for excellence. It is this philosophy that drives our passion for human wellbeing and excellence.

Mental wellbeing is an active pursuit, and resilience is a learned art for many. We teach invaluable skills unavailable to most, choosing to create a better tomorrow by taking responsibility to shift into a more interconnected, humane, and purposeful world.

Founded in 2010, our rich culture, knowledge, and expertise stem from India's historical traditions and a decade of working closely with organizations and individuals to help transform their health and wellbeing. This expertise has formed the backbone of everything we do, ensuring continuity and depth of knowledge in education, and the enhancement of human wellbeing on a global scale.

Join our inspiring community of learners, teachers, and global partners. Our training programs, health and wellness expertise, yoga and meditation classes, and a variety of wellbeing practices jumpstart the need to enhance overall physical and mental wellbeing.


Leadership Center of Excellence

We support leaders to stay on top of their mental game.



Partner Programs

We Work with Organizations to Build a Culture of Wellbeing, Resilience, & Sustained Excellence.

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Wellbeing Assessment &

Introductory Webinar

Yoga teachers training

Empowerment Program

Yoga institute in Mumbai
Employee Wellbeing


Ayurvedic healing in Mumbai
Wellbeing Champion Training

Onsite Support


Yogacara Online Academy

We Support Individuals to Live Happy, Healthy, & Purposeful Lives.

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Yoga & Meditation Classes
Yoga institute in Mumbai
Health & Nutrition
Yoga teachers training
Life Coaching
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Webinars & Trainings


Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Workplace Wellbeing, Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Yoga in Mumbai