Wellbeing Champion - MWT20

Led by Dr. Punita Puri, PhD & Radhika Vachani



The Wellbeing Champion Training provides organizations with a cost-effective way to secure more support for employee health and wellbeing initiatives by optimizing existing resources. It also enhances the skills of professionals in many different professions.

In this program you will learn the necessary tools to experience foundational aspects of physical health and mental wellbeing. This course will enable you to raise and experience your personal levels of wellbeing before you are able to support the promotion of human wellbeing on a larger scale.

The Wellbeing Champion program provides you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to recognize, identify, and respond to lower levels of mental wellbeing in yourself and others.

Key topics include building an understanding of the contributing factors to stress and anxiety, building self-awareness, and learning how to talk about addressing poor mental wellbeing, and strategies to increase mental wellbeing.

This course is aimed at organizations, health professionals, social workers, counselors, coaches, parents, and teachers.


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