Mahan Atman Kriya



Mahan Atman means higher self. This practice will integrate essential yogic pranayama, kriya, and chakra (energy) alignment practices to help you work through your many layers, and to remain inward, still and connected.

The simple practices taught in the Mahan Atman Kriya, will help you get grounded, centered, and silent, to develop the ability to be in contact with your higher self. You will develop a powerful inner guidance system that will be accessible to you whenever you choose, allowing you to maneuver all your life challenges with skill.

This connectivity will also give you the nourishment, energy, and guidance that you will need to accomplish a purposeful and fulfilling life. Whether you are starting something new, and need inspiration, or you have finished something and need to rest, master this effortless Mahan Atman practice to remain rooted.

But to do this, first, you need to work through your many layers, and to remain there, still and connected. It is from here, through this silence and deep connectivity, that you start to transcend fear, you start to transcend doubt, you start to transcend thinking, planning, judgment, self-criticism, and negativity. You experience a tremendous force that arises within you, transforming your energy into light, into love, into compassion, non-judgment, courage, acceptance, wisdom, creativity, and abundance.


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